Not everyone is at the same stage in their life. You can be experiencing a major crisis and your life is spiraling out of control. Or perhaps you are a successful business person who is stuck at a crossroads, hit a low place in life, are experiencing relational challenges, or in a season of growth in your life. Whatever end of the spectrum you are on, know that we can help you through individual counseling. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


Every person has a true purpose in life to fulfill and yet many do not know what that purpose is. They go through life caught up in the trying to make ends meet rather than living an abundant life and being change agents by changing their world around them. If this describes you and you want to discover your true purpose and live the life you were created to be. We want to help you! Contact us for a free 15 minute consultation.


You may feel like you have some ideas about goals, dreams, and desires to accomplish and need some motivation and or management assistance to see them come to pass. Or maybe you could use some assistance to learn, grow, and be more effective in areas of your life. If this describes you, we want to help you through a personal mentoring relationship.



BitterSweet Encounters Counseling Services was birthed with the sole purpose of helping people experience full and complete liberation and experience an abundant life. Dealing with emotional and spiritual hurt can be extremely bitter and painful and cause stagnation. But, once the origin of the issue is identified and confronted, freedom is experienced and life then becomes sweet.

Life’s hurts and offenses get in the way of us experiencing what it is to be free. As we go through life, we accumulate emotional and spiritual junk and we don’t pay attention that these things cause us to literally be in bondage.   We often go through life bandaging up the wounds and hurts of our past, and we rarely address and deal with the origin of the issue. At BitterSweet Encounter Counseling Services, our approach is not one that ignores the problem or deals with problems superficially. We confront the root cause to enable growth in your life.

Maybe you’ve sought out counseling and/or therapy in the past only to find that the results were short term or perhaps not even beneficial. Or maybe you’ve never experienced professional counseling but you are interested because you realize some things must change in your life and including how you deal with the issues. We all have them right? At BitterSweet Encounters you will receive organic therapeutic services and tools to empower you to live a life of total and complete wholeness!

Chermel Williams

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Is a MFT Registered Intern skilled in individual, family, and couple’s counseling and practices at BitterSweet Encounters.   She is a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, servant, leader, and achiever. Outside of her profession with helping others, Chermel loves spending time with family both natural and spiritual as well engaging in self-care activities. Anyone who knows Chermel would agree that she represents peace and has a knack for encouraging and listening intently to others.

Chermel attended Cal State Dominguez Hills and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration. After a soul search regarding the continuing of her education, Chermel attended University of Phoenix where she received her Master of Science degree in Counseling Spring 2013 and became a MFT. Chermel is the first in her family to pursue graduate level education and obtain a Master’s degree.

Chermel is an innate people helper and gets great joy in assisting individuals to overcome any obstacles or barriers preventing them from maximizing their greatest potential. Chermel has experienced first- hand, many obstacles and setbacks in life and has been victorious in overcoming them all. Chermel’s education background coupled with life’s experiences has equipped her to effectively provide counseling to individuals to bring them to a place of victory, liberty, and wholeness.

Although Chermel uses various approaches in counseling, her primary approach is reality based. Reality based therapy focuses on the here-and-now of the client and how to create a better future, instead of concentrating at length on the past. Reality therapy is a highly effective way to solve problems and set and achieve goals. With Reality therapy, Chermel strives to empower people and assist them to maximize their greatest potential.

O U R  V A L U E S

  • Warm- BitterSweet Encounters is committed to providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for its clients.

  • Honest- Honesty, in the field of counseling or therapy, contributes to healing. We believe that relationships of integrity and honesty foster healing and growth, and we work effortlessly to ensure we have such relationships among our staff so that we can mirror them with the people we serve.

  • Optimistic- Optimism is a breeding ground for healing and growth. At BitterSweet Encounters we strive to find the good in and anticipate the best possible outcome of every situation.

  • Love- Love is the ideal standard and the ultimate catalyst of BitterSweet Encounters.

  • Encouragement- Encouragement is a main ingredient for transformation into wholeness. Encouragement is the epitome of our mission and we endeavor to ensure that it leaves an everlasting effect on every person we serve.

  • Nurture- BitterSweet Encounters is committed to providing nurturing environment to ensure our clients receive a safe space to deal with life’s challenges in an affirmative and non-judgmental atmosphere.

  • Empowerment- BitterSweet Encounters strives to have each client reach their maximum potential in their life and will empower all clients to achieve success while on their journey of transformation and living the sweet life.

  • Service-We commit to listen, understand, and deliver quality service to the people we serve.

  • Supportive- Counseling can be a daunting experience and having a supportive relationship is necessary for achievement. We are committed to helping people to cope with the tough times and maximize the good times.


“WOW – This is the best counsel I have experienced.”

Don’t take our word for it. Our clients walk away healed, free, and transformed into wholeness.


As a woman of faith, it is always a challenge to find someone I can talk to that would provide candid feedback based on the Word of God. For many years, I have dealt with failed relationships and feelings of abandonment.” These events left me feeling really defeated and depressed to the point of me wavering in my faith walk and prayer life. Through my many counseling sessions with Ms. Williams, we began to work through areas where I allowed poor choices to negatively impact my life and create unfavorable situations. What I enjoyed most about our sessions is Ms. Williams never gave advice instead she listened and asked defining questions to help discover the root cause of the problem which often led to hidden discoveries. These discoveries helped me reach my own conclusions and provided me with the tools to resolve key issues. Ms. Williams is amazing and uses faith-based principles coupled with practical tactics to help evaluate the issues. For anyone who is suffering from lack of self-esteem, abandonment, depression, martial or relationship issues, I highly recommend her. She is honest, fair and a compassionate counselor who prides herself resolving issues that yield peace of mind and personal growth.


Thank you

It’s with great pleasure that I write this letter of appreciation to thank you for always finding a way to help me realign my thoughts, feelings, and perspective back into place. This would not be possible without your willingness to help me through my inner doubts. The best part of our conversations together is that at the end each of the sessions I had with you I walked away feeling motivated, strong, and determined. You provided with me with a feeling of self- confidence and understanding. You have been reliable, honest, ethical, and professional at all times. Thank you for your help and support!

A Calcanas

I had the pleasure of meeting Chermel after a very rough patch in my life. Chermel is a cheerful and vibrant woman with excellent social skills and a great counselor. She is someone who listens to you and not be judgmental. She’s honest and keeps it real. She is very personable and honest. She is very influential and inspiring. She loves to see people succeed and grow. She helped me to realize my strengths and has often told me I can do whatever I set my mind too and not be afraid and intimidated by things. It was truly a pleasure when she came into my life as she helped me see and realize things I did not know was in me. She is heaven sent!

C. McKnight

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